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I am from Europe (Denmark) and I want to use all the content and education available here on BiggerPockets to begin my real estate business here in Denmark.

There are different laws, different markets, niches I could imagine.

I'd therefore like to ask if any of you can lay out what are the most important differences that I should notice. Which of the financial strategies for the US real estate market do not apply to e.g. Denmark?

Looking excitedly forward to your answers.

@Arish Ahmad You should disregard anything on here regarding law. Just focus on the mentality, the drive and attitude. Use rules as guidelines but remember Denmark is a different animal in regards to supply of houses, demand and a multitude of other factors. Good luck

Hello! I am an American living in Abu Dhabi. I want to invest in Atlanta, GA. I will specialize in condos and have specific zip codes for my market/territories.

My main concern is rehab and management of condos. What condo-specific books/blogs/YouTube channels are recommended?

Hi - from Denmark as well.

Have you read the book by Halfdan Timm called 15pct ? You can find it here

He writes about how to buy small condos in Denmark. It was this book that got me started.

Were are you from? I am hosting an educational meeting in Århus next month on how to get started in bigger condo blocks.

@Lars Lottrup

Thank you for pitching in. 

I am from Odense, but I actually live in Aarhus right now. I would love to join your meeting. Where can I read about it? And I do speak Danish ;)