Hello, I just happened upon this forum. Because International travel and real estate investing is a great interest to me, I thought I would introduce myself and hope to start a conversation on options for the favorite places to purchase real estate for like-minded people.  My current properties in Medellin and France have been a mixed bag, but I am happy I made them.  I currently have both on short term rental platforms and have been doing reasonably well the past 5 years.  

I only purchase on areas I would like to spend time and possibly live in the future.  I also decided only to purchase places where historical currency valuations for the USD are to my advantage.  So Thailand, where I have been the past year for Covid, is not an option because of the strong Baht.  I also am concerned with SouthEast Asia's tendencies to disallow foreign freehold ownership of land and strong laws against short term rentals, even if not mostly enforced.

I am currently in contact with and purchasing real estate in Cape Town, South Africa, Marrackech Morroco, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I have spent time in the past in all of these places and would like to return, I'm rambling here, but my question would be, are there any areas that people would recommend for a USD currency advantage and a nice lifestyle?