Let's start a networking meet up in Fort Worth.

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Would anyone be interested in meeting up to talk investing in Fort Worth? I just moved here and I am a newbie investor. I'd love to talk to both seasoned successful vets as well as younger like-minded financially free seeking individuals. Feel free to send me a colleague request and send me a message! Thanks!

Not from the area, but search for it on the forums. I think I just saw something about a DFW meetup today actually.

i would definitely be interested

Eric, Let's see how many people respond to see what we can do. Feel free to send me a colleague request and message me to talk anytime!

I would be interested.


The only other Fort Worth meetup I saw info about was an original post from about 2 years ago and the most recent post was 1 year ago without any replies to it.  I have been considering heading over to Dallas for a meetup, but if there is enough interest...Fort Worth is much more appealing.  I live closer to Aledo and Benbrook and Dallas is quite a haul for a meetup that I would rarely be able to make.

True. Most are all in dallas and that's a haul for me as well. That's why I was hoping people would respond to going to one in Fort Worth and meeting people that just wants to invest in ft Worth and smaller surrounding towns. I'm going to wait until the weekend is over to see how many people respond. If everyone wants to send me a message with what there schedules look like I will try to coordinate a day and time that works best for most. Also if anyone has a place in mind send that as well. Sundance square by the outdoor theatre and fountains have plenty of seating outside and it's not that busy during weekday nights.. 

My husband and/or I (depending on the day) might be interested as well, although our schedules are rather difficult sometimes. 

I host a DFW REI meetup on the last Wednesday of the month at the Reserve in Euless if any of you are interested. We offer free meetings, training and dinner! No gurus allowed just free education and networking! I can send anyone that is interested a p/m or you can find it on Meetup!

always in for hyper local  discussions.  So yes to ft Worth meetings 

Okay everybody. Send me your availability so I can set up a day and time to make this happen!

I’d be interested in a Fort Worth meetup. I’ve been to Sherry Patterson’s DFW meetup, and it was a great experience, but can be tough for my schedule with my commute from Benbrook. I’d definitely recommend checking out her meetup if you have the chance.

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I am down. I am not from this area originally and looking for contacts and networking opportunities. Glad to see more local meetings.

I’ve been to Sherry’s meet up and can confirm it’s worthwhile. No gurus, just useful information.

I'll drive to Fort Worth from weatherford anytime for a meet up

You all should check out Tim Cook's meetup. Its West DFW REI group. I can't post any more than that on this link. Feel free to email me - check out my bio for the email.

I'm also in Weatherford....my husband and I have been to a couple of meetings of another REI group in Hurst and will be going to some of Tim Cook's meetings. Wade, if anyone else in Weatherford who would be interested in meeting here or in Aledo, I'm all for that!

I'm in. @Susan Baer @Wade Warren if ya'll want to meet up, or hear of any local meet-ups, let me know and ill do the same! Does anyone have any more info on Tim Cook's meetups? @Robyn J.

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I would like to hear more about a meet up in the area. I'm a very new newbie from Granbury area.

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