Quick help: How is Riveroaks area for rental property?

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I am trying to get into contract on a property which is between RiverOaks and FairOaks neighborhood. Trying to get more info from fellow BP members if it’s a safe neighborhood and if numbers are working does it make sense to invest in that part of Fort Worth?

Good schools if you are in Castleberry.   It's an older community, but I like it.  I'm thinking rents are probably lower there, but also so are the home prices.

I think one issue can be people moving in from other places and maybe even locally probably never search on River Oaks, so that can hurt you some.  it's kind of a hidden gem.

I just signed a lease on our latest property in Sansom Park today which is next to River Oaks. 

This is the first time to be in that area but when I listed it, I was flooded with people interested in it. 

It is a 1226 sf 4/1/0 for $1250. 

We’ll see how it goes...

@Bruce Lynn yes in Castleberry, it's the last street in Fort Worth so address is still Fort Worth.

@Scott Ewell Thanks that helps validating the rent for area.

Thanks a lot guys for helping here! 

The rates are "good" with huge potential to increase. We have a 3/1 rented for $1350.

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