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Hello my name is Ilya, relatively new to Fort Worth and I recently became interested in purchasing rental properties. I'm specifically looking to connect with people whom have experience in remodeling homes in the DFW area. Any leads would be appreciated. Also this sub section(Fort Worth) seems to be dead... are there any meetups happening in this area?

@Ilya Reznikov yeah, these sub-forums don't get a lot of action but do feel free to post in the main Texas forum.  That one absolutely has posts.  2 things:

REI Clubs:

We actually just answered that with a post yesterday (in the Texas forum).  You can see the post HERE


I recommend Finishing Touches.  Good solid contractor.  Very good communication.  There website is HERE


I would also recommend Steve Lacy with Lacy Remodeling. He’s done 3 houses for me and I’m happy with his work. 

I am a contractor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that exclusively works with investors. Real estate investment properties of any type, is our specialty, since we do no work on the retail side with homeowners. I offer pre-acquisition services as well. Our rehab strategy's are based on asking price for the property, comps and realistic ARV's so that each rehab or make ready, is specifically designed around the parameters of the deal.

With that being said, we often help investors dodge situations where unrealistic numbers have been given by aggressive wholesalers. Unfortunately, that means I don't sell every job since my recommendation is often to walk away from a deal that has been misrepresented, but I sleep well at night... haha

Let me know if you don't connect with anyone. I'd appreciate the opportunity to look at some properties together!

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