Looking for recs in El Paso - RE Agent, GC and roofer

7 Replies | El Paso, Texas

Hi Elizabeth,

Any luck finding what you were looking for? My family and I relocated to El Paso about a year ago from Austin and had a few bad experiences with contractors here in El Paso. Anything that I can do to help, please let me know. 

What's Up Elizabeth. I just noticed this post and if you are still in need of some recommendations let me know what exactly you are looking for in terms of investments I work with investors in the El Paso area and could possibly be of assistance. 

I also have a few contractors that I work with so let me know the scope of work and I can see which ones would be the best fit! 

If there is anything else you need please feel free to reach out

I am the owner of Sher-Wood in Las Cruces, NM about 45 mins from El Paso.  We provide cabinets, countertops, closets and flooring.  As a real estate investor myself, I could be a useful contact.  Reach out if there is anything I can help out with.