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I'm working on my second flip in Roy and I've got a question on windows. Just like my first flip, this house needs brand new windows. Windows are flipping expensive and I'd love to find more economical ways to install them. My guy is charging me $90 per window to install (no matter the size). On the first flip I ordered the windows from Home Depot. Two questions - (1) is $90 per window a decent rate, and (2) am I paying too much by buying through Home Depot as opposed to local window shops? 

Much appreciated for the feedback. If there are local glass/window places in Weber, Davis, or Salt Lake county I'd love to hear about them. 

We pay significantly less by buying from a window shop than we have from HD.

@Caleb Rigby  Three years ago I had a guy who charged me an average of about $250 per window for the labor and the window.  His price may have been too cheap, and he put himself out of work, because I can locate him anywhere now!  I would definitely talk to all the rehabbers you can find to get their best window guys.  $90 per window for labor sounds high, and Home Depot can easily be beat.

@Caleb Rigby

Don't know if you have found your window guy . I used one guy for several of my properties. He charged $350-400 on an average window, labor and materials included. He is pretty reliable too. Let me know if you need his contact information.

Thanks @Jenny Wall for the response. Since I posted this a couple of weeks ago I called 3 local window companies. I only received 1 bid! The bid was for roughly $180 per window (on avg) and that is way more than the $120 per window (just window) I paid for my Home Depot windows. I can't stand calling contractors for bids when they don't actually follow up and get out to the house to measure. Home Depot is my window place from now on.

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