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Newish to Utah. Anyone know whats going on in the Granary district? It looks like a promising area in a couple years. But community support looks like its fizzled out and slcrda is looking like they have some hefty goals for 2015-2019 ahead of them, and properties they own in that area is one that doesn't show much faith VS. some of their other project area's.

Anyone here done or doing some work in that area?

@Devin Deswert ,

You are correct, I've been watching the area over the past 5-6 years. the Granary District has gotten a lot of hype in the past but it seems to be taking longer to take off then people were hoping. I had an architecture office a few blocks from the area and worked with a few developers in the past that have looked at the area. None of those projects have seemed to pan out and those projects have since dried up. It seems like there are a few little developments that have been introduced (mostly around the trax stop) and local businesses are taking over old warehouses but it is far from the bustling, eclectic, and hip place that people have been trying for. If you check out the following website they keep it up to date on what the RDA and others are doing throughout Salt Lake including the Granary District.

I think eventually it will get there but it's going to take a while. It has potential as it is really close to downtown but the area is filled with homeless and dilapidated structures that would need to be razed and is not a place where people are willing to call home just yet. I think it's going to take a few large developments to make a big enough difference. The fleet block looked like it might be the first big development to help the area, and and RFP went out from the RDA for development of the block but I haven't heard if anything ever came of it. 

The current issues between the RDA and the mayor seem to also be slowing down progress, but that's a whole other discussion.

Hi Kinley,

Thanks for the reply and some extra insight to the area.

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