Where can I get used cabinets besides the ReStore and KSL?

3 Replies | Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi, I am looking for two small kitchen's worth of cheap, old solid-wood (and/or metal) cabinets ,and I only have a couple weeks to find them. What happens to all the cabinets that new cabinet installers haul away? Is there some kind of secret used cabinet warehouse that's not showing up in my Google results? I'm looking for something like this: 

we have a 'Habitat for Humanity ReStores' in the Buffalo area that takes in just about everything & you can get amazing deals on cabinets that have been removed. (Google them in your area). We took out a cheap old kitchen from my daughters home that we once got from them. Put them in an apartment & got an extra $275/month.

Someone mentioned to me that Rudd's will do brand new doors for about $25 per cabinet.  So may be a good option if the cabs themselves are solid but the doors are in bad shape.