Good morning BP community!

My real estate investing career is continuing its growth. Next week we're closing on our first flip. It will be a successful experience netting a good chunk of cash. After we accepted the offer on the house and had some time to breath and talk to people about our experience we picked up another home in the downtown historic district of SLC just a few blocks from pretty much everything from the arena to the state capital to the university etc. We've got a GC working with us on the more technical tasks like plumbing, electrical, etc, but he hasn't been the best at communicating, plus his rate was high (we negotiated him down to what we gathered was actually normal for a gc in our area so that is good).

Why I'm posting here though is to see if anyone nearby has an awesome gc, that is experienced, fair on price/his/her rate, and excellent at communication.  We have funds and can pay fast, have no shortage of deals we could take and give to them, but I want to find someone that I can trust and build a long term relationship with to take our flipping to the next level.  Ideally once the relationship is there when a deal comes across my desk I want to send him/her over to look at it, tally up what needs to be done, recommend a budget, and then we can decide if we want to take it down or not.  Of course we've got criteria for what we look for in a flip, a pretty good idea of budget costs for things (thanks to jay scott's book and our own experience on our first flip and renovating our own homes over the years), and how long a project should take.  We even own our painting business and have experience knowing what it takes to be licensed, find good people, and what a good business looks like in terms of customer service and communication.

Any recommendations would be awesome!  I'll have to post pictures and numbers for our flips here soon so you can see it.  Its been fun, but we're ready to keep growing!