Market of the Moment: 4/15/2021

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Market of the Moment - 4/15/2021: Well we're above 150 active homes in Salt Lake County under 600,000 and that's exciting! 

Said no one ever.

Tale of the market, an object lesson. House is listed on Wednesday, highest and best offers are due by Thursday at 8pm, yes, the next day. I call the agent at 6pm on Thursday and they already have 20 offers.

Will the vaccine rollout and lessening of restrictions give people the confidence to list their homes?

Alan, great article and post!

My son lives in Davis county and is has a brother in law building South of Provo and it has taken

some time to get contractors there,  because of the delay the house has gone up over $50,000 in value!

They were thinking in the $450,000 range.  Now over $500,000.

My son did support him with some cash and should do very well on the deal.

Got to love those interest rates the banks give us!!!!  LOL!!

Great article!

I am a Realtor in St George and have an investment property at 853 S Blair St, SLC I'm selling.  I listed it on the WCMLS so it's probably under the radar a bit till picks it up.  Had it under contract once and buyer couldn't come up with the money the day of closing!  Back on the market if you know anyone looking!

  -Tom Kametz, Pioneer West Realty