Title Companies in Ogden/Layton/Clearfield Utah

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Can anyone recommend a good title company in Ogden Utah or surrounding area?  Thanks!

Title Guarantee has an office in Layton. They do excellent work. I know Andy who manages the Cottonwood Heights location. They are wonderful to work with. 

FATCO is national and has always been awesome.  

I've been using Mountain View Title (near Layton Hills Mall) and they're great. 

 We recently received an offer on a property just before Christmas and the buyer wanted to close before the end of the end. We went with Sue Heiner at First American Title in South Ogden with the recommendation of our realtor. Sue was awesome, doing whatever she could over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to help it progress even though everything was closed. We closed on dec 29 and it was mostly because of sue’s efforts. 

Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I really appreciate it.

I use Backman title in So. Ogden. Shalie Swartz. They have never done me wrong.

I used Backman Title as well. They are great to work with. I bought a VA foreclosure and they were able to execute without writing an owner's title policy. The government guaranteed the title so why double insure? Most title companies would not work with you on nonstandard requests like that. Saved $1500 not buying an owner policy. I know many of you will disagree with this - its just my two cents.

I imagine you already have found one by now but if you want to check out options for future transactions Michelle Campbell and her team at Stewart Title in South Ogden does excellent work!

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