High yield neighborhoods / counties ?

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Greetings friends!

I live in New Zealand and own a small portfolio of residential
and commercial properties in Australasia and South America.

I have USD$150K cash (I am not interested in pursuing bank finance/leverage).
I would like to cash purchase a $130K residential property in USA.
Find a trustworthy property manager for < 10%
Refurbish the property for < $20K.
Rent the property for an approximate 20 year period.

Which three counties in USA should I consider/compare/investigate ?
Neighborhoods with stable rental demand, high yields
and potential local economic growth.

Currently I am researching ;
Midtown? Memphis, TN
Buford? Atlanta, GA
Where? Houston, TX

If possible, I am trying to avoid neighborhoods that are
saturated with institutional investors.

Any other county/neighborhood suggestions greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Martin.

if your looking at memphis you should also consider bartlett, Lakeland and Arlington as places that fall in your price range. 

If you are looking to invest in Texas, the counties around Houston to look at is Harris and Montgomery. Places great to consider are Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia and Conroe due to its rapid economic growth. Most those towns are slit between Harris and Montgomery Counties.

I also believe that places such as Bay Town, Pasadena and Sugarland are quite busy markets for rentals.

Midtown in Houston, has been going through a rehab era, there are a lot of older properties there, which some buy to hold, and then to clear the old house out and put up brand new buildings.

Hope this helps to get you started.

Thanks for your post Jakub!

In your opinion, are Bay Town and Sugarland generally solid areas in Houston, TX for REI ?

I am an overseas investor and am searching for RE professionals with expertise in the local area who can assist me to appraise and evaluate potential home purchases. Ideally someone with experience of working with international investors.
Can you recommend any RE professionals working in Bay Town and/or Sugarland areas ?

Much appreciated,

Hi @Martin Odenell  ,

Houston is a great place to invest right now. Areas that I am having a lot of success are Spring, Cypress, Kingwood and Humble. The return is real good and there is a good amount of equity growth in these areas.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Good luck,

Andres J.

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@Martin Odenell , if your asking between Sugarland and Baytown I would go with Sugarland. 


Welcome to BP Nation and good luck in your search. I would recommend that you investigate job growth and population growth as basic determining factors of where to invest. Since you have a punch list of cities, pull this data for each city and compare. Where you have population and job growth, you typically have a solid renter base making for a wise investment.

To all other posters in this thread, posting solicitations for services is a forum violation so please keep your posts limited to advice and not offerings to provide services or properties, thank you.

I am  looking for a  private  lender  in Baytown area, to finiance the  purchase of a  rental property in  Dayton.  No rehab  needed. Purchase  price  $287900.  Loan  terms  6-12 months. 

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