Question Retiree?

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Now that your retire, what time do you wake up?

What time is acceptable or yet better appropriate. I don't think that you ever retire, you want to try and stay as busy as possible to retain your independence.


Anything to do with real estate?

I get it, foreign investors calling.....

If anyone wants to give me money, real money, they can call me anytime!

Years ago, a very successful RE guy, named John Q. Hammons told me he got out and about early, like 3/4 in the morning. Why? Because if anyone saw him doing his "driving for dollars" (LOL, surveying the market) that people would anticipate his involvement in any property activity and the price would go up. A down side to being well known.

In the day, I'd get up about 7 or a little after, leave the house about 8:30 and be at my desk at 9. I'd also be there many nights to 12 pm or later! While they say you can choose your hours in RE, not really true if you're dealing with the public.

Now, I'm awake by 5 usually, this morning it was 4:23!

While it's rather bass ackwards, when people need to work more to get started, younger people need more sleep, as you get older we require less sleep. My eyes are shut for about 6 hours, my dad only needs 5 hours, late to bed and early to rise.

Guess it's to give old folks more time being awake on the green side, more time for the buck list stuff. :)

@Bill Gulley  

Really well Said.

I agree. the older I get the less sleep I get. However, I do enjoy a nap now in then.


Sorry it took me awhile to get your mention.......

I was taking a nap. :)

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