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Have some qns about non us buying us house

1) There are many people setup llc for house buying Intend to do the buying personally rather from entity

Using llc bank account for receiving rent and paying for contractor for reno cost and repair along the way seems inappropriate due to they are make in the name of llc 

What other ways to open account personally? Really have to travel all the way to us to open personal account?

2) Does the local bank account usually allow doing wire transfer online from internet banking?

3) About paying contractor for reno cost do they usually send the cost bill and pay them  using internet banking?


I think that you really need to be in the US to open a bank account. And you can pay your bills online.

I opened a bank account as a foreign national in the US when I was there the last time. With this in place I can decide when and how to transfer money.

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I am pretty certain that you have to be here in the US to open the account. I would pose that question at which is an investor site geared mostly towards australian investors. You are sure to get the answer you seek their. If you come to atlanta Fidelity Bank has opened accounts for a number of our foreign JV partners/owners.

@Andreas F.

What address did you use to open the a/c? Did you use your passport address to open or those forward mail address? Considering using forward mail address would allow receiving mail back in country but what to tell the bank staff they ask about address

Btw did you have itin to open the account?

Does your a/c has internet banking and allow wiring of money the platform?

@Andy Luick

Great tks for the comments

Anyone heard of any banks allow foreigner internet open of account ?

Chase has a web page with a phone number to call to set up an account.  Or at least get info to set up an account:

I don't think you're going to be able to remotely open an account with no interaction with a human.  Banks are under pressure and regulations to prevent money laundering and terrorism funding so they are not going to make it easy for non-US citizens outside the country to open accounts.

Most banks support wire transfers and some will let you set them up online.  But you will need to be vetted by the bank to earn that privilege.  At least when I looked into it that's what I was told.

@Kesgn Kesgn

For Non US Investors

1) you have to be in person to set up Bank accounts.

2) When set up LLC, you need to have a US address & a registered agent to receive notifications. You can have a UPS box for mailing address, & your lawyer can be your registered agent for the LLC. If you open your account under LLC. You will use the EIN.

3) if you purchased the properties under your name, then you need a ITIN. you can use the ITIN to open the account.

Hope this helps

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