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Dear all,

I am about to start investing in the US. After some generic coaching about strategies generating passive cash flow I decided RE as investment vehicle.

Being and foreign investor for the US RE market brings add challenges and hurdles. As I am 100% willing to get this model started I am looking for a kind of partner with whom I can share my thoughts and current ideas. I already did it to a certain extent here on BP, but there are many private aspects that I want to discuss more in  a one2one set-up.

So I am not looking for a mentor or coach and/or getting free advice for the rest of my life. It is more to have someone with experiences that I can share my thoughts and plans right now, getting some feedback and doing some follow ups from time to time.

If someone  is interested, I appreciate a short private message.

Best, Andreas

@Andreas F.

 What are you looking at getting into? Rentals I assume?

@Andreas F. ,

I'm probably not as experienced of a guy as you're looking for but I'm always open to talking and bouncing ideas off one another. I'm going to be Teaching English as a Second Language here soon and am determined to have an international real estate portfolio. I would love to connect with you and see how we can both help each other.



I have experience working with foreign buyer from China, Russia, and Israel.  I happen to live in Pittsburgh which is the #1 cash flow market in America, and we are in the top 5 for house flipping according to forbes magazine.  I am the president of the Pittsburgh real estate investors association, so I also have access to 850 other local investors if I cant find what you are looking for.

I hope that helps


I think it's great you have decided to take the plunge. I am based in the UK and started investing in December last year.

I have two units now rented out and should have several more by July / August.

It took me a while to find the right people to do the different components etc.  I feel happy finding properties and getting them checked over by my contractor and then home inspector to confirm everything.

We have a great property manager and I do feel a good system now in place to keep growing.

If you want any advise this is the best place. Feel free to ask. Good luck


I bought a SFD when I was in the US when the Euro was strong. I still keep it for renting. The US legislation together with the competition among property mangers, allow pretty remunerative/safe investment.

@Andreas F.

 I got my start buying turnkey rentals while I was working in China. You're on the right track!

@Andreas F.

How's it going? Were you able to find someone to exchange ideas?

I bought a SFR in Jacksonville, Florida last year. I wrote about how I narrowed down my market from anywhere in the US to Jacksonville in this BiggerPockets blog post:

Investing from out of country

I've worked with a lot of investors like yourself - just wanting to get started. 

The last person I worked with went from little direct experience with real estate (he was doing funds) to making offers on a multifamily property in about two months. He was super dedicated, though, and we talked on a regular basis. Our conversations centered around real estate but also involved mindset and productivity tips.

I've gotten a little busier of late but if you message me, with specific questions, I'll do what I can to help. Regular meetings to really accelerate things - I might be able to do that later in the year. 

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