Lakeland real estate

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Originally posted by @Sardaruddin Mohammed :

I just got my first deal in riverview. Looking to get in touch with local real estate investors in Lakeland.

I looking to invest in multifamily properties between 150k and 250k.

 Do you have more detail for what you're looking for?


    I am looking for Multifamily that can i can live in one of the unit and rent out the other units, 20 years or newer , near a good school district, that needs lil bit of rehab.


Do you know of multifamily properties in the Lakeland area? I just closed on a single-family rental last week, but couldn't find any. I currently live in NYC but starting to invest in the Orlando to Tampa area (I-4 corridor). Some great opportunities there. 

There is an 8 unit apartment building I know of in a low income (but low crime rate) area just outside of Lakeland, in Polk County. The owner was renovating but recently stopped all work. I think he ran out of budget before he could finish the project. If I reach out to him to see if he's willing to sell, is there anyone who would want to follow through with the purchase, assuming the property and the numbers were right?