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Recently I have met a few people who have established US citizenship going through EB5. The general requirement is a foreigner have to invest in a US company that provides that least 10 full time jobs. The investment requirement is 500k in underemployment/ rural areas and 1 m for general area. So has anyone gone through that process, familiar with it. Or just what do you guys think ?

Hi @Amber Chen . Did you ever get an answer to your question? I've got friends who had explored EB5 a decade ago, but if you have more recent intel, I'd love to hear it!

Hi Amber. I have a Brazilian client who got his EB5 through one of those government approved centers. It worked flawlessly for them and they now live happily in the US.

Typically the best route to get the EB-5 is through a pre-approved project with one of the many EB-5 centers. There are a variety of investments to choose from, in different cities.
I think it takes about a year after your investment until your provisional green card is approved and you can move to and work in the US (anywhere you want, not just where your eb5 project is located) with your spouse and kids (immediate family only). I don’t have much more info than that, but all EB5 centers with pre approved projects will be happy to provide info.

I am doing lot of research on a similar topic. I am really surprised how this whole thing work. people are taking some risk as the typical investor but getting lot fewer returns. I am not able to figure out why. 

I am planning to start one small project that might take EB5 money and give a decent return. 

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