Introduction: German getting started

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Hi guys,

my name is Philipp and I am from Germany looking to start investing in the US, preferably in the state of Indiana. I have strong ties to the region which is one reason for choosing it as a starting point.

I am still at the very start of my journey but I want to get started with either SFH or an apartment/condo. Buy and hold and renting out for regular income.

That's just a quick introduction. If anyone of you faces the same challenges and wants to get together to exchange thoughts and ideas, feel free to hit me up. Would be super happy to meet like-minded people here. 



Hi @Max Householder .. thanks for the warm welcome, really appreciate it. Apart from my personal ties to the region that's the main reason for my desire to invest there ... great state and good people. Can't wait to get my feet wet but first things first, which means education.

Are you also investing in Indiana or only Saint Louis? Cheers

Hi @Mihir Bhimaraju ... that is true, but I have a lot of ties to the state, probably since more than 20 years and I try to come over at least once a year. 

I will be coming over next year for sure and spend a month or two in Indy to scout the market, talk to people and just get a feel for everything. How's your investing going? What are you focused on?

Good luck with the search! We have a handful of turnkey properties on the south east side of Indiana. If you ever want to look at the southern Ohio market feel free to hit me up!

Hi @Philipp C. Dukatz ,

I am from Germany as well and I am looking to get started as a Real Estate investor out here in the US. I’ve been living here sind 2011 and just recently moved to Reno NV.

Me and my husband have been actively listening to podcasts, YouTube videos, attending events and webinars, reading books etc. but haven’t bought anything quite yet.

How has the journey been for you thus far? It’s been almost a year since your original post. If you’d like to connect let me know!!