Seattle: What are you working on, what's your biggest challenge?

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Greeting Greater Seattle BP'ers!  I wanted to get a feel for what the active folks (the hustlers) are up to around town...

1.) What are you working on right now? (new wholesale?, flip? mail campaign?)
2.) What are you stuck on or frustrated with?
3.) A recent win or something you're proud of we can celebrate together?

For example, we are:

1.) currently finishing up flips in West Seattle and Issaquah 2.) want to meet a new wholesaler and contractor
3.) I hired two rockstars to join my team (Acq Manager & Ops Manager)

Congrats on having two houses ready to go. What kind of profit margins are you running into as a flipper? I've been a flipper and landlord here in Seattle since 2000 and in the last year added wholesaling to that. Got out of an exciting meeting today and we keep ramping more and more marketing and now have 3 negotiators out getting sellers under contract.

Hi Ryland, hi Sean,

I'm Ken and I'm not even in the neighborhood yet, but I will be shortly. Just leaving Shanghai after a five year stint here, and looking forward to joining the REI activity in the South Central area below Seattle proper.

Just now I'm following my nose around the neighborhoods to see what's what in SF and small MF to hold. 

Looking forward to lots of good conversation.



I am very new to this, I am currently looking for my first house to wholesale. This is going to be so much fun! Thanks for asking.

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