Getting a home line of equity in Seattle

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Does anyone have recommendations for banks offering a home line of equity that have good terms and fast turnaround time? If you do, do you have a point of contact at the bank?

Thank you for the recommendations,


how fast turn around do you need?

@Alexander Romanov

I've asked this question before.  You can view the discussion here:

If you need fast turn-around, I'd go with Sound CU. They can get you a HELOC in about two weeks, and they have a promotional rate of 2.49% for the 1st year. I have an online contact, and a local branch contact (that I use for my main business bank account). Let me know if you're interested and I can PM you the information.

Hi Nghi,

Thank you for the response; definitely interested, please send me your contacts and I will mention that you referred me.

2 week turnaround time would work with my schedule; trying to arrange financing for property purchases.

Thank you,


Also, does the purpose for funds affect the probability of getting a loan?



Hi Alex. We are actually going through the same process right now. We looked at Sound Credit Union as well and they do have a great promotional rate for the first year right now. I'm not so sure that the intent of the funds matters so much but the loan amount will depend on whether you are pulling the loan on your primary or an investment property. They will do a max of 70% LTV. We actually found that Homestreet offered us the highest LTV at 75%. If you are using your primary residence though, Sound might be your best bet. If you need any contacts let me know and good luck!

S orry, I didn't specify above but the 70% LTV is on a secondary or investment property. Homestreet gave us a 75% on a secondary property.

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