Slum Lords!

4 Replies | Seattle, Washington

Hello everyone, I recently moved out of an apartment in the lynnwood area and got hosed by the landlord on the way out. I put in my 20 day notice on the 11th of may month saying I would be out by the 31st of May. I called the landlord on the 22nd I called and said that today the 26th I would be done cleaning it and would call them to do a walkthrough. I pulled up this afternoon to finish up the apartment and give the landlord a call and they had already began flipping the apartment and threw my personal belongings in the garbage that was left in the apartment when I was cleaning today knowing I had until the 31st. I did paint the apartment while living there and there was damage to the blinds. There were multiple times when I was living there during the four years that there was a water leak and caused damage to the apartment and dampened the carpet. All they would ever do was come in with a shampoo machine and suck the water out but it still smelled and they never replaced the carpet. They are trying to blame me for the carpet having to be replaced and the paint having to be done. You have to repaint and recarpet every five years anyways. I went over to talk to them and I was not even given the chance to do a walkthrough and talk about the cost of things and they are trying to say that all of my $600 deposit is gone and they will not prorate the rent back to me. I didn't always pay rent by the 1st and they said in the lease that a $25 fee would be assessed if rent wasn't paid by the 5th. I never received receipts as payment for rent. I don't know where to start or what to do. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Sounds like you are out $600 and the value of the stuff they threw in the garbage.  You have an legal option, but the cost you face to hire an attorney may not be worth it to recoup money from the landlord.  I don't recommend going the legal option without an attorney as you will not be able to win if the landlord hires one.  You could probably find some free legal counseling maybe to send a letter threatening a lawsuit if they don't at the very lease give you your deposit back.  To get your deposit back, I suggest showing your move in report with your own pictures as evidence of the condition of the unit.

@Chris Ahlemann  If you can document the condition of the unit, your contacts with the landlord and their unlawful early entrance of the apartment then I would pursue filing a small claim. Here in Washington, neither of you can have an attorney for this suit.  I think you would have a good chance of getting your deposit back -plus perhaps treble damages.

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