Property Management Company for a Condo Association in Bellevue?

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Hello BP Ccommunity - I own an investment unit at an older, smaller condominium complex (18 units) in Bellevue. I'm also on the board of directors for the HOA. We're looking to hire a new property management company for our association. Do any of you have experience with any such property management firms? Given that we're a very small complex, we're trying to find a company that provides good service but is also affordable. Thank you!

Hi, I am on the HOA of an old 28 units condo building in the area. We've used a company for 10+ years (low cost because of long history, performance was inconsistent depending on the manager assigned to us but mostly good) and we switched 6 months ago to a different one for a significantly higher cost. We've researched many local property management companies over the last couple of years and had a hard time picking one.

My perspective is that it is not so much about the company or its owner/executives giving you a great presentation or discount during the evaluation meeting but rather about the manager assigned to your property, how many other property he/she has to manage, how far their office is... I suggest you interview the potential assigned manager without his/her boss around before you sign up with a company.

I could elaborate with the criteria and questions we used during the interview if that's of interest.

PM if you want specific names. Hope it helps.