What should I know about Tukwila?

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First time home buyer looking in Tukwila. 

What I can expect down there. Anyone out there investing in Tukwila? Have found a few nice streets with newer homes or renovations. Neighbors were friendly and properties were well maintained (in certain areas). Is the crime that Tukwila gets the rep for concentrated more around the mall? I see crime rates are down YoY - is Tukwila on the rise as Seattle is growing? If you found the right deal, would you invest there?

Looking for any and all opinions from those of you that are familiar with the area. I realize the best way to learn about a place is to spend some time there, but I am also looking for opinions from those of you that are already there. 

Thanks in advance! 

I don't have any qualms about investing there (whether a flip or rental).  I live in White Center, about 10-15 minutes from Tukwila.  Have been in the neighborhood for the last 20 years.  My church is in Tukwila, and I used to play tennis there (at the high school) a lot.  Southcenter is my favorite mall; spent a lot of my childhood there.

It's a very convenient place to live.  You have 4 or 5 different freeway options pretty close by, so it's easy to get anywhere.  Still pretty close to Seattle, but without the traffic or high prices.  The mall and the airport are 5-10 minutes away.  Downtown Seattle's probably 15-20 minutes away.

Not hard to find tenants if you're house-hacking.  Make sure your immediate neighborhood (1-3 blocks around you) is good.  Make sure you do your screening well, but that's a guideline for anywhere.  And you don't have to deal with the crazy Seattle anti-landlord laws.

I used to live in Seatac right on the border with Tukwila/Kent off of orillia and ended up renting out my condo when we moved out. I would say that generally in that area, anything east of Pac Hwy and I5 and south of 405 where it runs east/west is going to feel safer. It's an interesting area because Boeing and a lot of industrial businesses are out there. With southcenter, Ikea, and both light rail and the sounder train close by, my guess is that prices will continue to rise in that area and that it will get safer over the long-term. I'm not sure if it's any indication, but it's promising to see some of the restaurants and stores that I would normally only expect Seattle/Bellevue to have migrating that direction (i.e. dintaifung). The one major caveat to all of this is that the schools in that area aren't very good. So in terms of investing there, if you're looking to SFR and families to rent to, if it were me, I would go further out and rent in a better school district (my preference is NE Tacoma or Auburn).

It's the worst part of seattle. Not a good place to live.

Thanks so much for the input! Appreciate hearing your experience in the area. Still looking in the area as well as in White Center to find the right place for my needs. 

Depends on what you're comfortable with. Neighborhoodscout.com is a great resource if you're figuring out crime, economics etc. With it being close to Seattle it's going to be pricier than down south but your commute (if you work in Seattle) is going to be a lot less. At the end of the day real estate really is about location location location. As bad as Tukwila is and has a reputation for, there's no denying it's great for commuters. 

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