The Best Property Management in Seattle?

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Hello Seattle, 

I have a house that is currently rented to a good tenant but not managed well. I'm looking to switch that up, and I'm taking recommendations. The SFH is in Mid Beacon Hill, it's in good shape, but I don't think my property manager does a good job of finding inexpensive labor for generally easy and small fixes, and they don't ask permission to fix stuff, I just see it on my statement! I'm being robbed! HELP!


I don't think there is inexpensive labor for trades work in the area anymore. Depends on how you define it, though. What is your threshold for having to approve fixes? If they are fixing small stuff without asking you, that's the whole point of having a property manager. If they are fixing stuff that's not broken then you've got a problem. Might need to crack down on how they record their maintenance work. 

@Woody Brenton You can try

I previously had an independent PM that was absorbed by them, the old PM left eventually and I kept the property with SPM. I've had a good experience with them, pretty hands off but they've been responsive to my requirements. Have been using them exclusively for about 3 years. Have heard a couple minor tenant gripes but SPM was pretty reasonable and professional in correcting that.


I'm happy with Brink PM.  They are based in Bellevue, but have good coverage in Seattle.  They are a very mature company.  Their fees are fair and they communicate on repairs over the approval threshhold.  

Thanks for the input everyone. I'll look into these suggestions. @Ryan Evans the PM works for a huge brokerage so all the maintenance work is recorded correctly, and thats a big reason I like them. I just don't like to be charged $500 for a $200 job. I think there is a major lack of negotiating skills on the PM's part. 

Although This is not my main issue. My Tenant has a dog, and they wanted to fence in the yard for said dog. One day the fence just showed up. My PM said they would take photos of a fence, and it never happened. I repeatedly asked for these photos and haven't seen them. This Fence was installed by my tenant without approval and it encroaches on my neighbors yard. In the tenants defense, I did say they could totally install a fence, and this was before they signed the lease. Then a couple weeks after they moved in the fence just appeared, without permission or looking at lot lines. My PM said, "oh my, thats not good, I thought they would give us an idea of what the fence looks like beforehand ext" You get the idea... Luckily I get along with my neighbors and they don't mind that its in their yard, just as long as we are on the same page. Obviously the fence is more a tenant issue, but the way my PM dealt with this issue was awful, and I think it illustrates my point well. 

I live in LA so it's a bit harder to switch things up. But I know it needs to happen. 


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