Getting started in Seattle real estate investing

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Hello all, 

I’ve been in Seattle the past 3 years renting, recently started working with a real estate agent on buying a place to live , but as I did more research wasn’t sure if it was the right move. Started thinking more about investing first and buying later. Looking to meet real estate investors, learn a lot, and possibly make some deals.

Fantastic Michael.

I got started last year - have made a few deals happen and also bought my first primary home earlier this year.

Would be happy to chat whenever! Feel free to PM me.




Welcome (belated) to the neighborhood!  I own my primary home here and rent out a single family as well.  I am actually looking to sell the rental this month and buy multifamily with proceeds, probably out of state. It is in South Everett, North Lynnwood area.  While it is a single family (built 2005) you could rent 2 of the rooms out and keep one for yourself. Market rent on the whole place is $2200-2300/mo.   

Get to an REI Meetup! They are a great place to learn from those who are doing it. Even if you just start asking about what they are up to and listen you will be in such a great place. If you know what you want to do then start sharing that at the meetings. You may come across some great opportunities.