How does the FIT law work?

2 Replies | Seattle, Washington

I have a single family house in Seattle that I'm renting out for the first time after the FIT law went into effect. I'm not clear on the details of it. I was flooded with requests for viewings as soon as I posted the house and will be showing it this weekend. Some people pre-applied by sending in those automatic Zillow applications that can be used for multiple properties. If those people are qualified and want the house do they count as being first even if someone else submits an application after the showings this weekend? Some people heard about the house on Craigslist and contacted me asking for an application before I put it on Zillow. But because I didn't send them the application right away then are they behind the folks who sent in the automatic Zillow application? Don't want to get in trouble on this and I think I will have multiple qualified potential tenants submitting applications just minutes apart in some cases. Thanks in advance!