Looking for a multifamily in Eastern WA

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I'm looking to invest in a 10-25 unit multifamily property in Eastern, WA.  Right now, I am targetting Spokane and the Tri-cities due to their mix of cashflow and appreciation, although I am open to other suggestions.  I live in Western WA.

Would love to meet people who want to discuss real estate in these markets. I'm also open to advice on landing my first multifamily deal. I have 10 years of landlord experience with a SFH and a duplex as well as the financial means to do this deal but I've heard it can be hard for first-time multifamily investors to win a deal.

Looking forward to speaking to some of you soon!

Hello Sujata,

I'm a new investor also looking into multi-family rentals. I live in Spokane and would love to network and see what like interests we may have. Let me know if you'd like to get in touch!


Sean Poulos