New Spokane Investor, looking for a REIA

6 Replies | Spokane, Washington

Hello all, 

After purchasing my first home in Deer Park last November I'm ready to invest in some rental real estate or possibly some flips down the road. 

I'm having a really hard time finding any REIA's or any clubs in Spokane to attend to network with other like minded people.

I'm also looking at possibly buying a foreclosure through Vestus, has anyone used them in Spokane? I've only seen reviews from Seattle-area. 



Hi Seth, that club was just recommended to me via a PM too. I went ahead and joined the group and hope to attend Sept's meeting. Are you a member and do you attend? Do you find value in it? 

Did you have any success with joining that club? I am brand new to investing and trying to learn as much as possible and would love to join a club. If you have success would a beginner have any success?