New to Spokane, WA - building a network

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Hi All!

My name is Taft and I'm new to Spokane and Bigger Pockets. This looks like the right place to introduce myself and meet some local RE professionals.

I'm one property (three doors) into real estate investing in Spokane and on the path to build a bigger portfolio in the coming months. I work full time selling software for a San Francisco startup, but came to Spokane to build a remote sales office. I love the area and plan to settle down here long term.

I already work with a great realtor, but am on the lookout for wholesalers and general contractors. My goal is to employ the BRRRR strategy and own 40 rental properties by 40 years old (thats 7 years).

I'd welcome an opportunity to buy any of you lunch, even if you're a fellow rookie. Hoping to build a network and get to know the other faces in the market.


@Taft Love Welcome to the area and Bigger Pockets.  Tons of info on this site, and plenty of great knowledge in the podcasts as well.  There are a couple of meet-ups in the area too.  I know of at least one in Spokane and one in CDA.  They should be listed on here under meet-ups, but if not send me a message and I can get you in contact with the leads over those meetings.  I can also help you out with a GC too.  Again, send me a message if interested. 

Taft, I work for a Bay Area company and trying to get more involved in Spokane real estate.  We own a duplex up near Whitworth.  If you want to grab lunch sometime that would be great.


@Taft Love   Welcome Taft. Sounds like you are doing quite the endeavor here in Spokane.  I am a wholesaler in the Northwest mainly focused on the Spokane Market I would love to connect.  Feel free to PM me anytime!  


Hey @Taft Love!

I hope you are starting to feel settled in here in Spokane. My wife and I just relocated from Seattle to Spokane for some of the same reasons back in April. We have purchased a house and a duplex since our move, and are actively looking to purchase another property.

I'd love to meet up for a beer or a coffee sometime!