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Hi, Sonya, I just closed on a duplex last month (live in Seattle) and didn't have the best experience with Spokane County Title.  We had closing docs ready and to them on a Monday and we weren't able to close until Friday.  Granted, that's not much of a delay, thought you should know.

@Tyler Barranger is a great resource on multifamily in Spokane and surrounding area and very REI-friendly.

I wholsale a bit of deals here in the area and here are the closing companies / Attorneys I found most useful.

1) Robert Delaney

2) Stephen Ford

3) Robert Rowley

4) Vista Title

All are good and have their own specialties.  Delaney is good with everything overall  regular closings, Seller Financing, Wholsales, Subject-To, etc.  Ford is probably the fastest in my expericence but does not do subject-to deals

Rowley is good overall.  

Vista is a newer company but have amazing customer service I only worked with them once, but see a lot of promise with them. 

Hope that helps? Are you looking to close a specific kind of deal?

Thank you so much!! We sent all of our docs to Vista today -- thank you, Dan -- after Spokane County Title told us yesterday that despite our signed docs they wouldn't be able to close until next Friday at the soonest! It sounds like I'm having exactly the same luck as you all. 

I'll save the attorneys names for the future. Our deal now should be an easy, straightforward SFH, no assigns or creative anything. Hopefully all is smooth with Vista and we close early next week!

I'm excited to dig deeper into BPs and plan/join an in-person meet up. 

Really excited for you Sonya.  Thats great.  I usually always call and ask how soon the closer can close before I send them docs if I need it closed on a deadline.    Sounds like you did that, so good job.   

About the Meet-up/REIA meeting, my partner Evette and I started a local meet up here in Spokane. We meet usually on the 4th Thursday of every month at the Keller Williams building here in Spokane. KW allows us to use there office space. We have no Sales Pitch or Program to sell you. Our goal is to simply allow investors to network, build relationships, and learn from each other. I can add you to our email list.

Best wishes to you here in Spokane!

Dan Grishko

Hey guys! Our experience with Vista was not optimal. It may be the individual and not the company. Char has not been unpleasant or rude in any way, but ay, we are going nuts with the little (and not little!) mix ups. 

Their software miscalculated seller closing costs by literally $7,000. Our seller called in an absolute panic and had just been told that sometimes the excise tax surprises sellers. When we called she said same thing to us, but when I asked how she was calculating to get $7,000 she took pause and said, wait, that's insane! She said she'd send a new seller cost breakdown "right away." Three hours later, we got a buyer cost breakdown. We called again and asked for the seller breakdown. She resent the buyer sheet. We called again and finally got the right doc with the right numbers.

She also sent lender info to the wife of our lender team but not the husband, she sent docs to my partner and not to me and listed our lender as the "Assistant" in the web portal by accident.

Personally, we've had a lot of laughs when the number of times we call, the odd little errors we uncover and the way she addresses us on the phone borders on the absurd. The excise tax error and the sleepless night it probably caused our already stressed-out seller wasn't funny at all, though. And of course, we're all human and it could very well be a fluke. That said, we've been turned off to Vista and we'll work with someone else on another house we're closing now. Has anyone worked with Tico? 

Dan, please do add us to your email list! Just sent you a message with my email. 

Take care, everyone!

Hi Sonya, we just went through the same search and actually sat down with the CEO of Vista Title, Anthony Carollo. I think he's a good guy and we met through a personal recommendation from a dear friend who is also good friends with Anthony.

I did get sort of the feeling he doesn't like the wholesale/flipper crowd, and they do not do assignments or double closes. Dan's attorney list is a good resource. However, Vista will work with a standard closing, so flippers might be able to work with them, but wholesalers are better to go to one of the attorneys. 

Another rehabber on the coast gave me a list to check out, as some of the other branch offices of some of this list are very investor friendly - which for us who are wholesaling means they will work with assignments and double closes if required without hassle.

I have not vetted this list, but our contact in Olympia did a ton of research to find these TC's, so check them out if  you want to -

Old Republic National Title (or any affiliate of)

Fidelity National Title

Stewart Title and Escrow

Good luck!