I want to start 2 weekly REI meetups in the Spokane area for investors and people related to the REI industry (realtors, bankers, contractors, property managers, etc). I'm happy to organize both an evening group (networking and a guest speaker) and a breakfast/coffee or lunch networking group. Don't feel obligated to commit to coming every week; just know that we welcome everyone whenever you can join us!

For the evening group: Where should we meet? (For ex: Do you know of a company with a large conference room/meeting room? I dream of outgrowing a small space quickly!) What night of the week? 6:30 - 8:30 pm?

For the day time group: Should we meet early in the morning or at lunch time? What time? Where? I would love to find a place where several of us could quickly grab a drink or bite to eat and then jump into networking and learning from each other. A loud/crowded restaurant wouldn't easily allow us to connect (hear each other). In north Spokane (near me!) I like Le Petit Chat Bakery at the corner of Waikiki/Wall and Whitworth Drive or Genesis Coffee Company (at Genesis Church) on north Nevada between Chuck E Cheese and Winco. (Genesis used to be The Service Station.) Or if we meet at lunch time we could meet at a mall food court - that way everyone could get whatever food they want and we could move together as many tables as we need.

Please tag or reach out to others that we should invite and ask for their input.

Kelly Clark