Thoughts on Hillyard Area in Spokane (99217)

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At the risk of putting forth some broad questions, what are your thoughts on the Hillyard area of Spokane (99217)--especially with regards to long-term SFRs? I realize that one might need to evaluate the area on a block-by-block basis, but overall how do you feel about the long-term prospects of this part of town? If you invest there or are familiar with the area, what are your general thoughts about it? Thanks in advance!

Mike - you are  right  on the money with your block / block comment a lender , I have seen this general area  ( and a little  west of this  area)  be increasing in  value / rents  in the past few years  .....thanks 

@Dave Skow Thanks so much for the insights. I greatly appreciate your perspective as a lender on this. I've been looking primarily at properties in the Emerson Garfield and Northwest areas and am just now diving a little deeper into Hillyard. My bearings and sense of the market in Hillyard definitely aren't as strong as elsewhere in town.