Looking to Connect with Local Investors in Pierce County

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Hi BP!

It has been a while since I have had the chance to connect with local investors in Pierce County and the Tacoma Metro area. Would love to meet any folks that are new to the area, and reconnect with those that are already here and expand the network! Cheers!

Hello, my name isMaceo and I'm looking to invest in multi family properties in 2018. I like everything about investing in income properties, almost everything. I hope we can take soon. 

I just got stationed here due to the military, and I am very interested in learning about real estate I am looking for mentors in my area. I have read many books on the subject and I am looking to invest in multi-family homes.

I'm also interested in networking with investors in the Tacoma area. I've read tons of books about real estate and I'm finally ready to take the leap into investing in 2-4 unit properties for buy-and-hold. 

I'm always up for talking real estate with the locals around here if you guys are up for it!

Hello Brian,
I’m a newbie here in the Seattle/Tacoma region and have yet to do a single deal. Ready to take action this year. I’m a flooring installer so maybe somehow we can exchange values!!

I am an investor of one Duplex in Tacoma and currently in the search for our 2nd one. I would like to connect with other investors in Pierce county.

And just came across this event on another page!


Thanks @Adrian Chu

Hi there, @Mike G. @Zachary Datuin @Ryan Evans @Russell Symes @Brian Truman @Lester Mungro @Maceo Lewis

I do host a meet up every 3rd Monday of the month in Lakewood. Its purely networking and a great opportunity to meet fellow investors who are doing great and also folks starting out. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help or share knowledge. Please send me a PM and Ill give you the info. I don't think I can post about it in this thread.


I am selling my primary residence house for something quick transaction from a real estate investor. I am open for any offer.

Ideal situation for me would be selling my house and renting this house from new owner.

Short-term (One or two month) rent or month to month rent would be perfect but anything possible on my current situation.

If interested, please let me know.

Thank you,

5834 SE 2nd Ct, Renton, WA 98059

4 BR 2.5 Bth 2840 sqft built in 2003