Investing in Vancouver

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I have been listening to and getting inspired by Bigger Pockets podcasts and books. This year I bought my first investment condo downtown Vancouver which I did some some improvements on and  put up on Airbnb. It's been an awesome experience so far (I am managing it on my own and so far loving it!) which has left me wanting to learn more and do more! I have some money set aside towards the next property and eager to get involved in another project. Are their resources/meet ups anyone can recommend for investors in Vancouver? My dream is to do flips (I am self-employed interior designer so I have a fair amount of knowledge/experience/ideas/hook ups when it comes to the renovation world) but still not sure how to bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to go considering how insanely expensive real estate is here and also how relatively inexperienced I am with regards to the whole process (aside from interior design and some construction knowledge). Would love to attend events, learn more, meet more like minded people to keep the momentum going!

Welcome to BP.

There is a meetup on Oct 20, 2021 06:30 PM in Edmonton,  5:30 Vancouver.  It is both virtual and in person if you prefer.   Send me a message and I will forward the link.  The topic this month is the Smith Maneuver, which is advanced investing techniques.  I find the networking that happens at the beginning and in the break more fun and valuable.   

@Marina Medina Welcome to BP. You will find a lot of great experience here. Have you thought of other strategies other than flipping? I’d be open to set up a chat and can maybe help you towards some resources. Feel free to DM me. All the best on your RE journey!