Greetings from Milwaukee

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Hello BP,

I am a new real estate investor from Milwaukee just getting onto the scene. I'm 25 with a full time job and family history of multi-family rentals in the Eau Claire/Chippewa/Altoona area of Wisconsin. I have been viewing properties recently and will be putting an offer down in the greater Milwaukee area!

The site and podcasts have been super helpful so far!

Welcome to BP @Adam Kozuch

 I am an agent out of South Eastern Wisconsin. If you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to get a hold of me!

Hi Adam, I just bought a turnkey rental in Milwaukee last week. Welcome to BP.

Thanks for the welcome everyone.

@Mark Nolan  I will definitely be sure to do that!

A big welcome to you!

I grew up in Milwaukee and spent a year in college at Eau Claire. Both great rental areas! What areas of EC are you invested?

@Andrew Kwiatkowski My parents have properties in the Eau Claire area, I myself do not own anything up there. I am looking to invest in the greater Milwaukee area.

@Dmitriy Fomichenko Thanks for the tip, I have already set up a few alerts.


Welcome! I'm in Eau Claire. I don't know much about the Milwaukee market but if you ever wanted to know more about the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, I'd be happy to do some research for you. 

Good luck.


Welcome from West Bend

@Adam Kozuch

 Welcome to BP. Your picture looks not a day over 24! Do you still dress that sharply?!

But seriously, what areas of Milwaukee are you looking at? What type of properties? SFH, Multis, etc.


@Dave Carpenter I have my mother to thank for that photo. 

I was originally looking at properties in the lower east side, riverwest, and UWM area but I couldn't find anything that made sense from a numbers perspective. I broadened my search and found some better properties in Waukesha, Bay View, and other cities just outside Milwaukee.

I am looking to get into Multifamily to start. My first deal is likely going to be FHA loan, and I'm hoping to go bigger than 4 units once I get a foothold.

@Adam Kozuch have you given any thought to the western suburbs like West Allis?

Numbers aren't quite what they were a few years ago when you could get a 3/3 for 100k ready to rent but the numbers still seem to be pretty solid.

If you have any rehab experience and aren't afraid of ones that need a little work west Allis can be very profitable.

Sam Erickson, Real Estate Agent in WI (#57119-90)

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