Winter Rent Prospects

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Just wondering if there is much difference in finding renters in winter months vs other seasons. 

Depends on how hot the market is....pun intended 😄

Usually little difference, some markets slow somewhat but there are tenants looking to move 12 months of the year. If you are advertising in November you are looking for tenants wanting to move at the end of December. Good tenants generally plan 2 months ahead.

In WI, people don't like to move in winter if they can avoid it.  I setup lease terms to expire May-July if possible.  December to March can be a slow time making it harder to find a renter, so try to setup  your leases to carry through these months even if it means the first lease is not a normal 12 month for the first term.

I'd say it is more difficult to find renters in the winter in Milwaukee but it's certainly not impossible by any means

not exactly "winter" but we just listed a single family 2 weeks ago, had showings the next weekend, and now have a contact signed to move the family in early November. I was a little worried too but I wouldn't let it stop you if the numbers are right.

Hope that helps.

If you have a quality property, you will always find renters.  I've rented in both winter and summer.

From a tenant perspective, in Milwaukee I have ended up signing short term or month to month leases when I enter a property in the winter months.  Most landlords have wanted to re-set their clocks to June and August, so I have done short leases to get to that point then re-signed a year lease once the warmer months come around.  

@Jeremy Lee The supply of quality rental property vs. demand in the Milwaukee market suggests that there are always opportunity to get a new renter in the winter.  You will be up against the willingness for tenants to hunker down with the temperatures drop but if as @Dawn A. states, if you are offering a quality product you will have no problem.  Good Luck!  Persist and you will win!

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