Any 'a la carte' RE services/agents in milwaukee?

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I'm finding few truly independent RE agents/brokers in the Milw. area. They all seem to be tied to the larger offices (Remax; Shorewest; First Weber) I'd prefer an 'a la carte' agent/broker - is there such a thing in Milw or is that too 'new' for this ol' town?  kinda looking around SW milwaukee area RE


@Kelly G. actually the vast majority of agents and brokers in Milwaukee are "independent" - however many of them don't stand out because they do very view transactions. The big firms are structured around residential business, although you will always find individuals that know their way arround in the investment world. I would say as a client it has very little practical implications under which umbrella an agent operates; the key issue is to work with someone who understand what you are looking to do, preferably has done it themselves and can advise you.

What kind services do you need?  We have an agent there that is part of a small office that also does Property management.

Thanks all

I'm not familiar w/ the Mke market so I wanted to get a comp analysis for a property I own, to start.   I realize these are often/generally done for free, but, being self employed myself, I don't like to take up someone's time if they are hoping for a full listing, which isn't going to happen.  Maybe silly but .  .   

I'll be selling the house myself, soon, so am looking for info regarding the the Mke market; what I should fix/update, - staging advice, maybe some negotiation strategy conversations.