Milwaukee Agent Recommendation

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Hello All, 

I am currently looking for recommendation for agents in the Milwaukee area. I am primarily focused on purchasing duplex-quads. 

Also, my family and I are are going to be in Milwaukee, Aug 9-11 to get a feel from the area and make decision on what are area we want to invest. Thanks in advance!

I have been focusing on properties in the South/ North east area, avoiding the inner city (at least until I can see for myself what the area entails). Looking at properties in solid C to B- properties.  

@Kurt Brauner

I would suggest a longer stay if you really want to get a feel for the area and also meet people. There are so many neighborhoods and it really does vary from street to street in some areas. I was there in April and glad I stayed 5 days. 

All the best,

@Jorge Ruiz I wish it was in the cards to stay longer, damn job... But I have the light at the end of the tunnel and will be retiring from my 1st career in January... Then I'm sure that I will be able to spend time doing what I want and not have to ask permission. Thanks for the advice!

I also am looking to invest in the Milwaukee area.  My searches are limited to Zillow & Refin. I would love to chat with anyone that could jump start my Journey.

Thanks, Bart