Building a Handyman/Contractor Network

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Hi All,

For those of you with experience rehabbing distressed properties, and also self managing multiple units, I'm curious what kinds of things you've done to build your network of contractors/handymen. I find myself "googling" for every repair that comes up even though many of the jobs are small and could be completed fairly easily by a "jack of all trades" type (or me if I had more time!). I'm also hoping to eventually dip my toe into the water of a BRRRR type project, but am concerned that I won't be able to find the right people to do the rehab in a timely or price effective manner. I'd really appreciate the thoughts of those of you who built networks of people that you can reliably call for small jobs and those you can schedule larger projects with.



Best way to build your network is to attend R.E. gatherings and network consistently. In person networking is that best way to establish these connections. The Milwaukee area has numerous REIA groups that you could frequent.

"Millionaire Real Estate Investor" by Gary Keller has a good chapter on creating your network.

@Dawn A. has a contractor list on her website and I would trust her recommendations. Also, Brew City REI meetup has an extremely active forum. Whenever I need a contractor, I just do a search in the group--of course, I still verify with the person that recommended them and my own vetting process which includes a CCAP/License (if applicable to job) and insurance check.


Ask 2-3 questions every time u have someone do work for u.  Talent in the trades have many other buddies. The Milwaukee market place tends to me “small town-ish”. Build your network and u will drive success.