Fast Rehab Estimates and/or General Contractor in Milwaukee Area?

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I am looking at real estate that could use some TLC, but I would like someone who can a.) quickly ballpark a rehab cost, and/or b.) manage the rehab of that project. Some of this is simple like coordinating floor sanding, painting, etc., but I've got this darn day job, and can't do it myself. Can anyone recommend people for what I am looking for in the Milwaukee area?

@Scot Henry Hi there! I’m a rehabber/flipper here in Milwaukee, but I also help others like yourself project manage their investment properties. I’m able to come in bid the job & manage it as well, i have a great network of contractors that i use. Please let me know if you’re interested in discussing your situation & I’ll see if I can help out. Thank you! 

In Milwaukee our property manger manages light rehab projects for us, then the property.

@Scot Henry if a PM does not cover a "certain area" it might be bacause they have learned the hard way to stay out of there. A lot of PM's will take on anything when they start out...

The nice thing about BP is that you can learn from other people's mistakes, so you don't have to put your own wallet on the line.

Talk to @Nicole Pettis , she is very experienced (and has fought some tough battles..) and does exactly what you are looking for.