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I am an investor that lives in Janesville. I'm not real experienced, but I love the work.  I retired from my job in July and now real estate is my focus. I'd like to get to know more local investors so we can bounce ideas off each other and succeed together.

Hi @Lori H. Welcome to BP! The network of folks on here is such a great source for the beginner and seasoned investor. To help connect with others in your area you can set up local key words that way you know when conversations are taking place in your area of choice. You can also seek out local REI clubs by clicking on the resources tab on the top of your page, REI resources and under assorted resources choose local REI clubs. Also is another good place to find additional clubs too.

Hi Lisa. Thank you. I have been a member of Bigger Pockets for a while and I agree there is amazing help and information here. I've  used the deal analysis tools often. I noticed also that Wisconsin is not a high demand area for investing, but I see lots of potential here. Good luck to everyone out there making deals. 

Hi Lori, nice to hear of another local, to me, investor. I have been investing for a little while now but more recently become more involved in it. I currently have 4 SF rentals and am in the middle of my first true flip. Looking at another potential flip that just caught my eye in Janesville but being in the middle of a flip now funds are tied up so we will see. I invest all in the Beloit/Janesville area so if you ever want to talk or meet up just say. 

Hi Lori, I am also an investor in the Janesville/Beloit area that started just under 2 years ago and am currently looking to close on my 13th unit next week. I agree that I see a ton of potential in Rock County and I'm looking to hopefully grow to 50 properties in the next few years before branching out into Multi Family. Always open for new ideas on how to tackle the local market - shoot me a message.

I am an investor that lives in Janesville. I am new to real estate investing, but not lacking on experience. I am trying to find the specific assignment/contract form for the state. Can anyone help me out please?

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