Property Management Suggestions

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I am looking for suggestions on a good property management company in Madison, WI or Dane County as well as what they charge as a monthly management fee.  I want to make sure that I am using an appropriate % when running my numbers.

Thank you for any recommendations!

I am in the market for a good property management company as well. As a tenant I had good experiences with BMOC( Let me know if you find any good ones!

Just wanted to followup on this post and find out how you guys progressed in finding a Management Company, AND if so, what your percentage turned out to be.

It is all area, # of units, and duty specific. Is there an on-site manager that is budgeted in? The rate could range from 6-9% based on some these factors. If they property is in a more management intensive area, then the rate needs to be on the high end because it will take a lot of the companies time. 

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