Looking for a lawyer to help with lease agreement/addendums

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Any recommendations for a lawyer in Madison, WI who is good with lease agreements and addendums?

Have you looked for a real estate investor group in your area? Try to find other investors and ask them for recommendations. If that's not an option, call around to several real estate brokers and see if they can recommend someone that specializes in real estate.

Not sure what you need, but check Wisconsin Legal Blank.  Lease agreement and other things written by a seasoned landlord lawyer.

Hi Dan!
I’m a real estate investor in Madison and I’m also a licensed Realtor. My attorney is Peter Diercks. Message me and I’ll send you his contact info.
I’d bet he’d be able to help you! :)
Let me know if you need anything at all!

@Dan Miller Kyle Hanson is a good resource for this.  Let me know if you would like his info and I'll DM you.  Thanks, Susan

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