Mortgage Loan Originator to create secured note

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Hello and I'm looking for a Mortgage Loan Originator to create  a secured note on a owner financed sale of a mobile home in Laramie, Wyoming. Any information on MLOs that work with investors in this area would be greatly appreciated!

@Michael Boyle sorry I'm a bit late to this post. Typically MH are personal property like a car and don't require LMLOs. If you are selling the land too that might be a different story. Wyoming is land of the wild west. You should probably contact a title company and they might have a note that they would allow you to use or an attorney reference. Most title companies have access to attorney's for special issues. That's the best I can offer.

@Michael Boyle , nearly any attorney who does land work can make one of those for you.  if it is just the mobile home and not the land it is basically the same as the lien that goes on the car title when you finance your vehicle purchase.

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