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Is anyone familiar with Windsor and Sarnia real estate markets. Is it a good place to invest in residential real estate? If so, single or multi-family? Is there any appreciate on these markets? Is it still possible to find cash flowing properties?

Thank you!


Hi Megan,

I am an investor and a Realtor in Windsor. My partner and I have 3 properties: 2 triplexes and a single family Lease Option. I live Windsor for investing. Since prices are well below the national average, it is much easier to find properties that will give you good cash flow. Also, with the market being well below average, there is a lot of room for appreciation, which has been picking up over the last couple of years. 

Personally I love duplexes, triplexes, and 4plexes. Single family homes can be good too with the right strategy (such as Lease Option). 

Let me know if you'd like me to send you some of these properties to check out as they come on the market! :)



As Cassidy said prices are low and you can find a good cash flow properties. However I can't see any appreciation without actually upgrading a property. If you are expecting GTA type of appreciation (buy and hold for a few years, and you could pocket great cash) you won't find it here, especially in multi fam. If you decide to go for more expensive property that might appreciate a bit in a few years you won't get cash flow. 

This is all my opinion and research. I might be wrong.

Hope that helps

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just finished reading an article about Windsor in this months issue of Canadian real estate wealth magazine and they are saying there is a lot of growth coming to Windsor and a lot of money being invested in the city(I know this sounds very vague but I can elaborate when I have the magazine with me) making it one the best upcoming cities to invest in. Also Cassidy if you could send me some properties, I usually invest in student rentals but I am open to all types being single to multi. Thanks 

Hi everyone,

I definitely agree, Windsor is a profitable place to be buying property. As Mike mentioned, there's a lot of growth coming to Windsor, and the fact that Detroit is on its way up definitely adds value. Also, if the proposal for a high-speed train from Windsor to Toronto goes through next month (, we could see some huge appreciation in the market here. With average home prices less than 50% of the provincial average, the city has tons of room for growth, even after a 14% rise in prices since last year. 

Currently owning a few multi-family properties and closing on a duplex soon, I'm definitely grateful to be an investor in Windsor.

P.S. I really like working with Cassidy Logsdon as my Realtor - thanks Cass!


Sounds interesting but could anyone suggest specific parts of Windsor to invest in... North South, West, East, neighborhoods, school districts, a b or c class. I'm seriously looking for my first property and good cash flow and would not rule out something turnkey . I will be managing team remotely so boots on the ground is critical for me.You can catch up with me offline if you have resources that you would like me to consider.


Hello @Errol P.  

If you're looking for decent tenants(class b/c) . east/south Walkerville has potential for 100-300$ cashflow/not bad appreciation,

If your Ok with student rentals university surroundings is best for cashflow.

All the best


Hi Aditya,

Thanks for your input!

I'll have to dig deeper into the areas you suggested along with the student rental option but have reservations as I heard these can be very management intensive. I plan to manage remotely and in the process of looking for good PM team. I'm going to visit city and scout locations very soon.

Big Thanks.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting @dandesveaux in Sarnia and he walked me through the city and his properties. It was very interesting and eye opening - I hadn't considered investing in Sarnia until then - but now I find the market very attractive. There certainly are lots of Cashflowing properties in addition to potential flips and BRRRR candidates. (Though if you're hoping for quick/easy appreciation - I don't think this is a good market for you)

Dan was willing to let me record our interaction - in the video he walked me through a couple of his flips and showed off some of his BRRRRs. (Great thing was on his flips, he actually shared his numbers to give me a better idea of what to expect - as I've never done a flip before). 

In general I think there's a lot of interesting stuff going on in Sarnia - and the downtown seems to be slowly revitalizing. In part due to local businesses like the craft brewery Refined Fool - If you're in Sarnia - I highly recommend checking them out - great variety of beers. 

Sarnia is high on my list of markets to learn more about.

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Hi everyone,

I really enjoy reading this forum and all the posts but looking for suggestions regarding Property Management and Inspectors in Windsor for a Duplex. I'm looking for real life experiences and why you recommend them. I tried to dig up reviews online but they are sparse and only go so far. 

Big Thx

I would LOVE to talk to those investing in my hometown of Sarnia !! I currently own 3 homes here & am looking to expand with some further knowledge & training coming first. I'm in the beginning phase of real estate investing in relation to many of the BP's here, but look forward to some prosperous years ahead, while helping others to live comfortably & affordably in my rentals!

@Mike Oliveira @Matt Andrews @Cassidy Logsdon

I'd love to get your take on the future prospects of Windsor as a city. I know their major employers are auto makers and casinos. I worry that the auto manufacturers could be unsustainable in future and face the same fate as many midwest towns in the US have. 

It's not that I would bet on appreciation but would worry about a major employer shutting doors leaving a large population unable to pay rent or forced to relocate. With Detroit right there as a warning sign, I hesitate to rely on manufacturing economies to support a city's population.

I would love your takes on this, as the opportunities are undoubtedly huge in Windsor/Sarnia. Really appreciate any time and opinion from those who know and see the city everyday. Thanks!! 

Windsor also has a fairly large University & College. The student population isn't going anywhere if you are into student housing. The border provides stable employment & it seems to house a large immigrant population. IMO, I don't think Windsor is so dependent on the auto industry anymore, as hits from closures have already happened here in the past & it's still climbing the charts for REI. It is a culturally diverse city where students swarm to attend 2 well appointed educational institutions.

Yes things are definitely picking up in Windsor. We took a hit with the closure of some auto plants in 2008/2009, but things have turned around since and prices are higher now than they were before the recession. What Rhonda said about the University & College population is a great point. The University of Windsor's international student population has also been growing significantly. 
The auto industry is still a large employer for Windsor, and if Chrysler were to close it would be a huge hit for the city. But It does seem like since Windsor is not as heavily reliant on the auto jobs as it used to be. 
There are also plans to open a new hospital that will employ many more people. 
There has been a lot of investment in infrastructure the past several years- new major roadways being built and areas of the city being revitalized. 
Downtown is turning around as well- the past several years there have been a lot of vacant storefronts downtown. Now there are many new businesses that have moved into the downtown area, and there is a new University of Windsor campus division downtown as well. 
The Windsor market has been quite hot over the last year especially.. appreciation was over 14% in 2016, and in some neighbourhoods the average sale price to asking price ratio in 2016 was 105%. 

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!

@Errol P. I am sorry I didn't see your request for recommendations before! Do you still need some recommendations? For a home inspector, I like to use Martin Gecelovsky from First Class Home Inspection. I find he is very thorough and will take the time to explain everything to you. I also have a contact for a good property manager, let me know if you'd like it.