Finding Multi-family deals in Toronto

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Trying to increase the number of deals coming across my desk. Aside from MLS, where are people hearing about / seeing deals in Toronto? Focusing on multi-family (duplexes, triplexes). Appreciate the advice!

Hi @Jon D. , I usually hear about non-MLS properties that are for sale, or could be bought, from my professional and client network, and many closed or secret social media groups I have join over the years.

@Jon D. Are you only considering GTA specific MF? As an ex-pat Canadian (moved to Texas 1.5 years ago), I invest in syndicated deals across multifamily, self-storage and mobile home parks. The high risk-managed cash flow returns are a real plus. Finding such deals in the GTA (and Canada) doesn't really happen (unless you're an uber-wealthy developer), primarily, due to the smaller market size, investor/landlord unfriendly laws, high taxes and availability of debt-financing. 

With what looks like the slowdown of the GTA real estate gravy train, I would be cautious in investing my money in the GTA (especially in light of stricter lending requirements, interest rates going up and new slate of investor taxes).

You could also look into developing local relationships with commercial brokers, lenders and property managers. Usually, they have their ear to the ground and are helpful, if they have a good relationship and know you're a serious investor (i.e. can close quickly).

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