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Hi all;

Looking for good towns/cities to invest in outside GTA. Hard to find the 1% rule. Am eager to buy, but get stumped when trying to find deals....HELP! 

Thank you! 

Hi Nick,

The best way I have found where to invest is to look at upcoming transit construction in the GTA. In the next few years Metrolinx will be service expanding to Niagara and Durham.

Try looking in those areas and see what you come up with!

Hi Paige;

Thanks for this. I have been looking along most of the future lines, and coming close to the 1% rule, but not quite....areas are quite far, so I am thinking property management. Thoughts on this? Curious to know about how you first deal went and what you would've done differently. If I'm thinking an hour or two away, I feel property management is the best way to go.... I could be wrong! Thanks, 

If you are considering a PM open up your horizon's and look west, way west to Alberta. If the option is available I would definatly try to escape Ontario's RTA and LTB.

If not then look east along the 401, plenty of small towns to choose from that work.

Great. Thank again Thomas! Yes, I was thinking of east of Toronto....407, airports, GO. I just don't want to worry about driving an hour and a half to two hours every time something goes wrong. Eats up a lot of time...guess I need to get some contractors in these areas locked down so I can have them on speed dial! Does anyone have any suggestions to east of Toronto, or Hamilton and south....thanks!

And what do you mean by rta and ltb?

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@Nick Ovington you just have to start to learn the business, don't overanalyze. Put a list of priorities and stick to it. And don't forget to be patient while investing in RE. 

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