Phase 1 Environmental Assessment in Durham Region - Suggs?

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Hi BP Gang, 

I am looking for recommendations of engineering firms to complete a Phase 1 Environmental assessment for a lot severance.  Anyone have any great firms they've worked with? My lot is near the lake so I need to complete a noise audit, SSQ (and likely Phase 1 Environmental) and archaeological assessment.  

Also, does it make sense to complete Phase 1 prior to Archaeological assessment, given that they will be disturbing the soil everywhere with arch. assessment?



Hi Sarah, 

The company I work for (McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers) may be a good option for you. I know we do that type of work often. I'll be upfront and say that I have only worked for them as an employee, but wanted to give you an option to consider. 

Let know if you have any other questions and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction, particularly in environmental issues (I work as a biologist for MP).