Property Tax Sales in Ontario

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Hi Everyone,
I'm exploring this option and wondering if anyone here has gone though it in Ontario.  I know you must have a 20% deposit with your tender, however you do not usually get vacant possession.  How long and how expensive is the process to get the vacant possession? What are some things that can go astray when purchasing Property Tax Sales?

Hi Tudor,

Did you ever get the answers you were looking for? Have you purchased any tax sales? If so can you please give me some background on what to expect? I am new to the process and looking for some guidance. 

Thank you

I got some answers by doing more research. I’ve bid on a couple houses but they were both redeemed by owner the day of the sale. It’s hard to get a deal on a quality or semi decent house that is a) not redeemed by owner last minute or b) not highly overbid to regular market price by other investors